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So I've known about fanfiction a long, long, long time ago. I used to read it all the time. I mean why not? It's cheaper than books, it's pretty accessible, and you get to read about your favorite characters in situation they would never find themselves in except in a parallel universe. Or should I say alternate universe. But all that time, I didn't really know about slash. Crazy, right? If I was so into reading fanfiction, how did I miss it? Well, I'm scratching my head about that one too. But! thanks (or no) to Tita Grace and The Fanfiction Glossary, I know all about it. Although I don't know if my current 'fandom' could be technically called slash, since they're already gay characters. My fandom being Queer As Folk, of course. And Houseslash is practically canon for cripes' sake (Tita Grace pointed that one out). Anyway, signing up for livejournal is just enabling my addiction further. There's a veritable smorgasborg of fiction on here. Hell, communities made up entirely of fanfiction!

So, in 'honor' of my induction into livejournal, here are some slash fiction recommendations.

Interval (Or, What Five Years WIll Do To Brian Kinney) by [ profile] dontyouwaitup. QAF.
This fic charts Brian's life from when he was a kid into adulthood. It shows Brian's thought processes and how his view on his philosophy changes as he grows up. Angsty, without being melodramatic.

Windsor by [ profile] summerfling. House.
This is about House and WIlson's relationship slash-ified, although not too heavily. House observes Wilson and his ties. I really like it because it's also visual in that the author shows the different kinds of ties he/she is describing. I think it enhances the storytelling.

Last, but not least. Collide by [ profile] yoursweater. QAF.
This is an alternate universe where Brian is a German lawyer and Justin is a street hustler who has his kidney stolen from him a la an urban legend. Sounds like a crazy plot, but it's really good. The story has a cinematic quality to it. I can almost see the characters moving about like they're in a movie. The atmosphere in the story is also something I like. Very palpable, high tension. And a little bit angsty, of course. You have to join the community for earlier chapters, but it's well worth it since it contains other fiction-y goodness.

Oh and I totally agree that sometimes, the fanfics are better written that the episodes themselves.



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