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I just saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Where are all the angsty Holmes/Watson fics?
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This has probably been all over everybody's flist, but I figure it doesn't hurt to boost the signal.

Please consider making a contribution to help those affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Check out help_japan if you want to bid on various good stuff people are offering. If that's not your thing and still want to donate, help_japan's links post and Charity Navigator might be able to help out with deciding where to donate if you're undecided.

Onto more frivolous news, I know this is two weeks too late, but...bag meme!

I got this bag on ebay and even though it's second hand, I really like it. It's light, it's durable (so far) and most importantly, it can hold a lot of crap.

1. water bottle - I don't have a fancy water bottle so I just wash and reuse this one
2. Samsung Vibrant phone
3. hand lotion - got as a gift
4. lipbalm
5. gum
6. keys with flash drive and super useful mini flashlight
7. Little Otsu planner with my favorite pen Pilot G2 in .38mm
8. powder for my oily face
9. hair clip to keep overgrown bangs out of my eyes
10. lipstick
11. compact with brush
12. Cole Haan wallet - got this one secondhand (again) from my mom.

That's not including random bits of candy and lint in the bag. :D
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Listening again to some Mumford and Sons. I haven't listened to them in a while and I don't know why. Here are two of my favorite vids:

This is really the vid that made me fall in love with them. Marcus looks so young. He's shy, you guys!

I think I was listening to this song almost nonstop several of months ago. I love how Marcus's voice is a little bit raspier now.
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I just got Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert today. I bought it hoping to make it a summer staple since I only really have Un Jardin Sur Le Nil for hot summer days. It seemed like the kind of thing I would like.

It's a very fresh, crisp, and dry scent and I can see why this would be good for summer. But to me or I guess on me, the opening notes are very sour and sharp. It only really mellows out after 20 minutes and even then it's not something I really love. I like that it stays close to the skin, but it also disappears pretty quickly.

Since I got a tester bottle, I bought for a pretty low price so I'm not too bummed out. The problem is I now have a huge bottle of it. I think I might do what my grandma does to her perfumes and put this one in the fridge. I have a feeling that I'll like it much more when spritzing it cold.
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Happy Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day/Anna Howard Shaw Day!

We were going to go to Chinatown today, but we all got lazy so I just sat on the couch and caught up with all the shows I missed during the week. White Collar stuff )

Korean BBQ yesterday was so good, but my little sis had an allergic to something that she ate there. :( We still don't know what it was, but I'm sad that she won't be back there until we figure out what it was. It's a shame since she really liked it there.

Lastly, I'm thinking of making a desk similar to something I saw at Instructables, but I don't know if I can find the materials and tools I need. Must ponder on this some more...

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Chinese New Year/Valentine's/Anna Howard Shaw Day!
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My love for White Collar has been restored. I just saw the new episode and within the first few minutes, I was aww-ing at Neal, Peter and Elizabeth. Now I have to go find me some White Collar threesome fics!
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Um, the cookie that I just ate a piece of had what looked like spiderwebs covering the lower half of it. Gross! It was individually wrapped and there were no holes in the wrapper that I could see. Shows me what I thought.

Gah, this is what I get for not paying attention more closely.
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I just spent a total of $90 I probably shouldn't have on these two dresses from Bloomingdales. Um, I'm just going to write it of as a present to myself? And I can always return it?

I've never really bought dresses or clothes online before. I've always just looked, so hopefully this experience turns out well. Can you tell how hard I'm trying to reassure myself? :P
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What the what just happened? Seriously, the whole thing is becoming tedious and nonsensical.
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I think I'm addicted to peacoats. I have about 4 so far and I want to get another one. this one from aeropostale in purple. I can't justify buying it, but I really want it.
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I'm losing interest in White Collar. :( Shows are supposed to get better after a pilot, not worse. And I feel like White Collar is getting worse.
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New job is fun. The kids are so adorable. I don't even remember being that adorable when I was a kid. What's so awesome is that the kids are so excited to learn. I haven't seen people excited about learning in a long time. These kids were so noisy and boisterous because they wanted to share what they just found out. Hearing them say "Ms. ___! Ms. ___! I just got books on birds/cockroaches/spiders" will never stop being awesome and heartwarming.
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I got invited to a Halloween party tonight really really late. Like she asked me at 12am this morning late. I said yes because I've been saying no to all my friends' invites lately and I feel like a bad friend. The problem is, I don't have a costume! All I have is a cheap, red yukata and a mismatched obi belt. I was thinking of going as some sort of yukata wearing zombie person - a zombie geisha, if you will. But, I have almost no make up and zero skill to which I can apply said makeup. Zombie geisha sounds like a neat idea, but I fear that reality doesn't even come close to how it looks in my head. So. I'm just probably going to end up going as a person who got dressed in the dark and didn't know how to put on make up.

Any other cheap costume ideas would be really gratefully received. :)
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Ugh, I'm feeling really old and a bit down today. I'm 24 years old (almost 25!) and I still haven't done shit with my life. I need a good kick to the butt to rouse me from this stupor.

Okay, starting tomorrow I'm gonna be better. I have a job interview which I may or may not get. Sounds cliche, but at least I tried. I haven't tried in 4 years. I just have to keep telling myself to keep trying, keep going.

Whew, I just had to get that out there.
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OMG. White Collar = awesome!!! *heart eyes*
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Sis just drank the last of the Chrysanthemum tea juice boxes :(. I wish 99 Ranch was a bit closer to where I live so I could just drive there and get one of those big jugs. I need my fix! :P

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OMG, Ray Vecchio is in House. Awesome!!
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One of things that pisses me off the most about the Polanski apologists is the argument that some of them have made that it's somehow less of a crime because the 13 year old girl wasn't a virgin or was familiar with drugs and alcohol. Like she couldn't have been raped, she already had sex and has 'loose morals' or whatever. So what. These are things that don't matter, shouldn't matter. No means no and rape is rape.
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B-day tomorrow. Gah, I'm getting old, yo.
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Just played 'Left for Dead'. I liked it, but I'm really bad at it. So bad that Bill kept screaming at me and at one point said 'Do I look like one of them?!' It was so realistic that I was really surprised and scared of Bill. Sorry Bill! You know I didn't mean to shoot you!! (multiple times...)



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