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I just got my order from BPAL yesterday. I order 2 Fire Pigs, 1 Abhisarika and 1 Smut 2007.
Fire Pig - I love the way Fire Pig smelled in the beginning, so fruity but not cloying. The drydown smelled like something I have already, though I can't exactly pinpoint which. I don't know if I should've bought 2 of them now. I might end up selling my extra bottle later on. Probably a 3 out of 5.
Abhisarika - It hardly smelled like roses at first, very creamy and a bit flowery. As it dried down, I could smell the rose a bit more but it was never overpowering. I usually stay away from rose scents and I don't really like rose scents, but to me this is not really a "rose scent" as it never dominated the perfume. After a couple of hours, it returned to being creamy, but more floral creamy if that makes any sense. I love it!
Smut - Musky and sweet. It smells sort of like cocoa, but not quite. Sillage is pretty good. The musk doesn't smell animalic to me though which is good. It smells...musky though. Not the light, clean musks, just musky. Perfect for going out at night. I could imagine wearing this to clubs and such. Although, I rarely go clubbing. 3.5 out of 5.

As for the new update, Monsterbait: Tokyo Stomp looks really good. I also got into a decant circle for Dogs Playing Poker and some of the Monsterbaits. Milk Moon is a maybe to me.



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