Jun. 12th, 2009 08:04 pm
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Graduation is on Sunday and I'm nervous as hell. I'm all packed to go back to SD. All I gotta do now is wait...

G-lenn's grad gift was the awesomest of awesomes though. Tickets to the No Doubt and Panic at the Disco concert!! Woot! I can't wait.

Good luck [ profile] fnixrebrn on your karate test tomorrow! And don't miss the train!
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It's been four days since I had all my wisdom teeth taken out and the left side of my face which had an impacted tooth is still a little swollen and my jaw is still a bit sore. The hydrocodone makes me sleepy all the time so I don't like taking it. I'm already sick of just eating oatmeal, miso soup or smoothies. It doesn't help that my mom bought empanadas and Okoy yesterday. If there ever was a food I can't eat after a wisdom tooth extraction, it'd be okoy with all it's crispy goodness. I just stared longingly at it. :(

Also, how does a dry socket look like? I keep worrying I have one or something. Oh man, has it been a week yet?
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We made banana bread and banana muffins today. The banana bread came out too dry and a little burnt. We overcooked it a bit. Too much poking and prodding :(. The banana muffins, on the other hand, came out perfectly. It looks a little pale, but the inside is just right. Moist and not the least bit mushy. Yum!

banana bread

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Woot! Just made Red Velvet Cupcakes and they were delicious! My sister and I made it more chocolatey and added less food coloring since we didn't have enough. They turned out more brick colored than red, but it's still nice and moist. I know, I know, cream cheese frosting? *gasp* but it was easier to make than the real kind.

Here are some pics!


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Spicy Garlic Broccoli is really good. I didn't even need the tablespoon of chicken broth, I just substituted water and it was still yummy. A winner!

Pork, White Bean and Kale Soup is also delicious. Very filling too. I didn't have Kale so I just substituted Spinach and I don't think it made a big difference. This was my first time cooking with wine and I was a little bit nervous.

I wanna try a Guinness Beef Stew next, which is kind of fitting since St. Patrick's Day is coming up.
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Made Chicken Curry today. Yummy! I used uncooked chicken breast instead of cooked and I think I put a tad bit too much cayenne, but still delish. I just had to cook it longer. I'd post pictures if I could.

When I went shopping for ingredients, I went to Henry's and it's kind of crazy that they have a billion and one different kinds of flour, but I could not find an all-purpose one. WTF? I ended up buying Soy flour instead. It's ok, I still love you Henry's.
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Carne asada fries, how I love yet hate you. I love eating you, but I feel terrible right after. You're like a bad one night stand.
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Pet peeve I didn't know I had: When somebody puts their regular trash into the green or blue recycling bin. Which is what my step-dad just did. The worst part about it? He doesn't even care. We've told him not to do it several times since the green one is for composting (I think), and he just does it anyway. He generates the most trash out of everyone in the house and whenever we run out of space in the regular trash bin, into the green one it goes. GRRR! It just gets me so pissed off!
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Just saw "Wanted" today. So awesome.

I had to disregard the laws of physics, but other than that, sooo good. It was funny, action-packed and interesting. Plus, James McAvoy!
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Microsoft Word, why so retarded?
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I'm wearing the sweater that my sister gave me when she went on a trip to Europe with my mom. She got it in Amsterdam and it has the city's coat of arms on it. So I'm waiting for my friend to pick me up and suddenly this guy stops in front me and starts taking off his sweater and jacket and starts going " Oh no way, I don't have time for this. I have to catch the bus, I don't have time for this!". I look at him like he's crazy, but and what do I find underneath his hoodie? His tricep has the same crest tattooed in it! It's in color which makes it even more awesome since the sweater I'm wearing only has it greyscale. I wouldn't have spotted it if I was in his position. Just as soon as he arrived, he was gone as quickly. He has to catch the bus after all. :)

Anyway, that little tidbit just made my day for some reason. I'm all happy and lighthearted now. Thanks guy-with-an-Amsterdam-crest-on-his-tricep!
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P.S. Where be the angsty fics for FNL at?


Feb. 14th, 2008 06:59 pm
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Why do I have to find out how awesome Friday Night Lights is just when it's in imminent danger of cancellation? WHY!?

Also, I came for Matt Saracen, but I stayed for Tim Riggins...and Matt Saracen. Heh. The whole series is available at if you guys are interested in watching. It really isn't just a show about football :D

So anyone who's reading this, help save one of the best TV shows around!

There are also a couple of campaigns around to save FNL. This one aims to send mini footballs to NBC while the Best Week Ever one has a petition and the idea to send light bulbs. So please help out, even if all you do is watch the episodes at

Keep Friday Night Lights On.
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There's so many things I want to buy! except for the whole not having money thing, I totally would. Mostly, I just really want more memory for my laptop, but memory costs an arm and a leg. Ooh, I did sign up for something called Paperback Swap. Hopefully, it turns out to be a cool thing. Figured it's a good way to get rid of books I don't want and get ones I do want without spending money (except shipping). I'll let you know how it is. Unfortunately, I need to post at least 10 books before I can get "credits" to get books. No big though, I'll go through the ones I have in LA.

Also, I really want to get 2 Herm├Ęs perfumes: Eau de Merveilles and Un Jardin Sur le Nil or if I want to go crazy, Frederic Malle's En Passant and L'Eau d'Hiver, but I don't really need to have those.

One thing I did buy is a planner from Little Otsu. It's totally cute and I think cheaper than my usual planners. Then again, the planners I've used are from Sanrio and stuff. Hate to say it, but I might be getting old for Hello Kitty stuff (but not Chococat, never Chococat!) I got the mini weekly planner for $10. That's not too much to spend on a planner is it? Plus it's vegan which makes me feel better even though I'm not. My planner will be environmentally kind and healthy, even if I'm...less so.


Nov. 10th, 2007 11:43 pm
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I won't be able to go to San Francisco this coming weekend because I have a midterm. I'm gonna miss all the fun times your guys are gonna have. Take lots of pictures for me!
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So I saw the pilot for Moonlight. Soo cheesy, but I think the main guy is cute so I'll probably end up watching. I have a feeling it'll get cancelled though. It's so cheesy, it's making me lactose intolerant. Then again I said the same thing about Supernatural at first, and look where I am now. >.<

Can't wait for Pushing Daisies though, it's the only show Chynna is planning to watch. It speaks to her warm gooey center so I'm doubly excited about that.
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This weekend we went to Knott's Berry Farm. It was really fun and Toni was really really excited about it. She rode the Silver Bullet, Sierra Sidewinder, and a whole bunch of other "grownup" rides. Her favorite by far was the Jaguar. A whole bunch drama happened and you're just going to have to call me for the details. :) As we were going home, Mommy decided to buy some chicken and told us to go ahead to the car. Daddy went around to the chicken place to pick her up so I called her. She was already on her way to the parking lot so she was a little mad that we were at the chicken place. She told us that she was already by the carousel and got a little shouty when I said what carousel? She had meant the roller coaster. Same thing happened when we went to Disney and she kept telling us to meet at Splash Mountain when she really meant the Matterhorn. That's why we're always getting lost.
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I'm in one of my perfume moods again. I'm still trying to find one that I'll like enough to buy, but still no luck. I ordered some samples from LuckyScent and the only ones I moderately like was really either too sweet or had no personality. I'm still searching for my ultimate orange blossom scent since Serge Lutens' Fleurs d'Oranger had something in it that I didn't like. It was the orange blossom scent I was looking for except there was some sort of spice there that smelled vaguely of smoky BO to me. I just recently found out that it had cumin in it. Finally! a name to give the culprit that's been keeping me from loving FdO. I might try Fleurs de Citronnier some other time, but that's for when I actually have money. For now, I'm going to try the Orange blossom from Bourbon French. I heard good things about it, so hopefully this could be my HG orange blossom. They've got relatively cheap prices too which is nice. I ordered the travel size, which is $7 (not bad), so I can try it for a couple of days and see how I like it. Bourbon French also seems to offer bespoke perfumes, something I've wanted to try for a long time but never had the money to buy. I still don't have the money for it, but now I feel like it's more of a possibility. I just have to get myself over to New Orleans and cough up $100 for it. :-P

P.S. I think Christopher Brosius also offers bespoke perfumes, but they're pricier than Bourbon French. Then again, CB goes a lot more in depth I think.
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Here's a little something something for this 4th of July, especially after the news about Bush commuting Scooter Libby's prison sentence:

watch it Tita Grace!!
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It's no secret I don't like San Diego. It's like one giant suburbia. No real culture or diversity. But! There are some things I like about this place. Those are Carne Asada fries and Green Tea House boba place off of Kearny Mesa. The End.



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