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This has probably been all over everybody's flist, but I figure it doesn't hurt to boost the signal.

Please consider making a contribution to help those affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Check out help_japan if you want to bid on various good stuff people are offering. If that's not your thing and still want to donate, help_japan's links post and Charity Navigator might be able to help out with deciding where to donate if you're undecided.

Onto more frivolous news, I know this is two weeks too late, but...bag meme!

I got this bag on ebay and even though it's second hand, I really like it. It's light, it's durable (so far) and most importantly, it can hold a lot of crap.

1. water bottle - I don't have a fancy water bottle so I just wash and reuse this one
2. Samsung Vibrant phone
3. hand lotion - got as a gift
4. lipbalm
5. gum
6. keys with flash drive and super useful mini flashlight
7. Little Otsu planner with my favorite pen Pilot G2 in .38mm
8. powder for my oily face
9. hair clip to keep overgrown bangs out of my eyes
10. lipstick
11. compact with brush
12. Cole Haan wallet - got this one secondhand (again) from my mom.

That's not including random bits of candy and lint in the bag. :D
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